Eastside’s artists, patrons and partners…

know this is going to be a great project…

wish that you will join in…

will be supporting and applauding this amazing world-record breaking showcase of our nation’s talented and creative young people…

Check out the statements of support and testimonials from our artists, celebrity patrons and partners from across the five national areas, starting with our lead artist, the brilliant poet, performer and facilitator Jacob Sam-La Rose.


“As one of the original Patrons, I want to congratulate Eastside on their 25th anniversary and for creating the world’s longest youth-led spoken word poem to be Launched in Spring 2019.

I know, I wish, I will is such an exciting idea and Eastside with the help of all the regional partners will continue Eastside’s amazing record of building and developing confidence in young people, through this youth-led project. I know, I wish, I will, will help encourage young people and offer them a great platform to showcase their talent, think and write creatively and perform before a national audience. Our young people need opportunities like this to help them grow into understanding and model citizens, please support Eastside and their regional partners and help make this project a great success. Thank you.”

Dr Patti Boulaye OBE


Eastside is an extraordinary educational trust and is now celebrating its 25th year.  Arts and Culture are so important for young people and indeed for all of us.  It opens the mind and body. 

Eastside gives confidence and awareness to young people, empowering them to write and perform their own poetry and stories.  All Hail!

Zoë Wanamaker 

Photo credit: Nicky Johnston

Photo credit: Nicky Johnston

sam bond.png

I know, I wish, I will is such an exciting project.  I can't wait to see what young people from across our country come up with as they develop their own creative writing skills and use the spoken word to express their hopes and dreams for the future.  This is such an original and innovative project that we know will bring thousands of people from so many different places and backgrounds together through art, poetry, creative writing and the spoken word.  Young people, teachers, schools, colleges, universities and all parts of society will be inspired to take part and all will benefit greatly from doing so.  I know, I wish, I will is set to break many Guinness World records and build a wave of fresh creativity across the nation.  Please please please, support it.  Thank you so much!

Samantha Bond

Vivacity and Peterborough Reads would be delighted to support this project delivering work in Peterborough. Peterborough Celebrates...Reading will be a yearlong series of events in 2019 and 2020 to excite the whole of the city about reading and aim to increase the enjoyment, engagement and attainment of children in Peterborough in reading. High profile work from groups such as Eastside Educational Trust will be an amazing addition to the programme.

Richard Hunt - Director for Culture, Vivacity Culture and Leisure Trust, Peterborough

“Cheltenham Festivals are delighted to support I know, I wish, I will; an exciting spoken word project that aligns with our aims and values. We reach out to schools and communities both at the festivals and throughout the year. Our outreach programmes enable children and young people to discover and exercise their creativity and we design a range of experiences which celebrate the spoken and written word in all their forms. Talent Development is one of Cheltenham Festivals’ four Pillars; I know, I wish, I will would provide an opportunity for young writers in Gloucestershire to explore their identities and communities as well as providing a platform for them to celebrate and perform their writing before a national audience.”

Ali Mawle, Director of Education, Cheltenham Festivals.

“The Shoreditch Canvas Curating Committee lends its full support to I know, I wish, I will and have pledged to display extracts of poetry created through the project on the digital Canvas at Old Street Roundabout. The Shoreditch Canvas seeks to support and inspire artists across East London by providing a free platform to display their work to a wider audience. Old Street Roundabout is one of the busiest road junctions in London and over 23m people pass through the tube station per year, the majority of whom will see the Digital Canvas as they drive past or enter and emerge from the station. The I know, I wish, I will project dovetails our support of the visual arts by inspiring creativity in the written and spoken word”

The Shoreditch Canvas Curating Committee

“I am an autistic performance poet in Spalding who would not have found and developed my voice and told my story of depression, anxieties and, only now, the stories of others, without this art form. Therefore, I deeply understand the significance of having the opportunities to artistically indulge. This area is very vocal but also disconnected and a forum via poetry would build a necessary bridge to communicate woes, grievances and community issues and above all be a fun pursuit to explore and evolve over time. A diverse range of voices exist in South Holland and I firmly believe, and would be a proponent for, this project which has great potential and I will do everything I can as a proud autistic performance poet to share the wonders and treasures of creative paths” 

Callum Brazzo - Poet

Some work and words from one of the young poets supported by Grimm & Co.

As Peterborough is a CPP [Arts Council Creative People and Places] area of England, it is vital that young people are given an opportunity to be part of a large-scale, national project like this, so they carry it with them through life that it's okay to celebrate creativity. I am wholeheartedly an advocate of poetry projects happening in Peterborough, as I am very much a professional poet because of a string of funded projects just like this one, and it taught me skills to turn my passion into a career.

Charley Genever – Poet